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Aqui Agora is a rapidly expanding private firm in Nigeria focusing exclusively on self development, social volunteer, educational and multimedia presentation. Our range of services stretch across all borders. We have in place a strict and complete quality creative system, which ensures that each of our clients and customer requirements are met. While Upholding the principle of dedication, honesty, mutual benefit, customer satisfaction and professionalism.

We sincerely welcome all the new and existing customers both domestic and abroad for business co-operation, individuals, schools and organisations.


To harness individual varied innate abilities and showcase its inherent creativity and innovation for mutual and societal benefits.

Self Development.


Social Services and Counseling. Event Enchancement.

Summer Sessions Now Available in;

*Multimedia Presentations
*Stage Play
*Private Music Totur
*Abstract Photography
*Youth Counseling
*Social Service Voluntery
*Marriage Counseling
*Motivational Talk
*Local & Foreign Language
*Events Enhancements
*Information Technology
*Stand-Up Comedians,
*One Man Live Band.

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